“When becoming familiar with animals, we are in the same situation as Husserl’s bird that can fly off to another planet. The bird, reminds Merleau-Ponty, ‘does not have a double ground’ but ‘from the sole fact that it is the same bird, it unites the two planets into a single ground.’”

—Christiane Bailey, “Kinds of life: On the phenomenological basis of the distinction between ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ animals”

“Could Heidegger‘s analysis have been any different had he adopted a dog?”


“Needless to say inhabitants of this area are living in an ongoing nightmare threatened by the possibility to suddenly sink into the ground.”

disciplinary boundaries

Faust: So, still I seek the force, the reason governing life’s flow, and not just its external show.

Mephistopheles: The governing force? The reason? Some things cannot be known; they are beyond your reach even when shown.

Faust: Why should that be so?

Mephistopheles: They lie outside the boundaries that words can address; and man can only grasp those thoughts which language can express.

Faust: What? Do you mean that words are greater yet than man?

Mephistopheles: Indeed they are.

Faust: Then what of longing? Or affection, pain and grief? I can’t describe these, yet I know they are in my breast. What are they?

Mephistopheles: Without substance, as mist is.

Faust: In that case man is only air as well!


“Perhaps we can assume that compared to form, materiality is embroidered with appearance, texture, tactility, acoustics, and all other types of senses. That’s why it generates deeper and broader spiritual interaction with landscape.”

—an anonymous student


“There a pause will be made in order to consider the rain garden”

“In three different manuscripts Louis himself dictated how people should view the Versailles gardens: he told them to turn left or right, where to pause and ‘consider’ (‘there a pause will be made in order to consider the ramps‘).”

—John Dixon Hunt, “The Role of Movement in Garden Reception”

Not much has changed for our discipline since the sixteen-eighties save that these days “ramps” might be more likely to refer to special onions~


“[The role of the landscape architect] is to build an expanse that can hold what is divided.”

—an anonymous student